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 Chickasaw County Environmental Health Office

Chickasaw County Environmental Health strives to help protect rural residents and the environment by offering a variety of services for county residents.
Services offered by Chickasaw County Environmental Health include:

Water Testing:
County residents can request their private well water be tested once annually for no charge. Contact us at (641) 394-2406 to schedule an appointment.

Septic system permits:
All onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal systems installed in Chickasaw County require a permit. Please contact our office when you begin making plans to install, replace or upgrade your septic system.

Well water permits:
All private wells drilled in Chickasaw County require a well permit. Please contact our office when you begin plans to have a well drilled.

Private well abandonment:
Property owners planning to plug a private well must contact Chickasaw County Environmental Health prior to beginning the work. Cost sharing funds may be available. The county encourages those with abandoned wells to consider having them properly plugged to protect water quality and prevent drinking water contamination.

Private well rehabilitation:
A cost share may be available for those considering some rehabilitations to a private drinking well. Please contact Chickasaw County Environmental Health for more information.

Nuisance complains:
Contact Chickasaw County Environmental Health if you have concerns about a public health nuisance, illegal dumping or other potential hazards. Please include as many details as possible so the issue can be addressed.

 Contact Information

Chickasaw County Environmental Health is located in the LEMC (Legal/Emergency Management Center) at 1928 Linn Dr., near AgVantage FS and Superior Lumber on the north side of New Hampton.

Contact the office at (641) 394-2406 or e-mail
Environmental Health Director Staci Schutte at s.schutte@chickasawcoia.org
Secretary Stephanie Schueth at s.schueth@chickasawcoia.org.

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