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 Real Estate Credits & Exemptions

Credit/Exemption and Sign-Up Deadline
( * = annual filing required)
Barn Preservation 
Feb 1
The barn must have been constructed prior to 1937 and be used for the storage of farm products or feed or for the housing of farm animals or farm equipment. The exemption is only for value added due to improvements or remodeling.
Cattle Facilities 
Feb 1
Exemption is based on the actual value added to owner-operated cattle facilities, including small or medium sized feedlots, either by new construction or by the retrofitting of existing facilities.
Religious, Literary, and Charitable Societies 
Feb 1 
All grounds and buildings used by literary, charitable, benevolent, and religious institutions and societies that are used solely for their appropriate purpose. Property may not be leased or otherwise used with a view to profit.
Family Farm Tax Credit 
Nov 1
The credit is for tracts of land that are more than 10 acres and are assessed as agricultural property. The land must be farmed by the owner or an eligible relative.
Forest Reserve 
Feb 1
Two hundred trees per acre with a two acre minimum. No economic gain is allowed on qualified acres.
Fruit Tree Reserve 
Feb 1
Must be at least 1 acre nor more than ten acres with 40 apple trees or 70 other fruit trees per acre.
Impoundment Structures 
Feb 1 *
The impoundment must contain at least 18 acre-feet of water, be outside of a city limits and be used for agricultural purposes to qualify for exemption.
Industrial Property 
Feb 1
Property must be an industrial warehouse, distribution center or research facility to qualify.
Homestead Credit 
July 1
The dwelling must be the principal residence of the property owner.
Military Credit 
July 1
Must have served active duty (other than training) during a wartime period and be a resident of Iowa.
Mobile Home Park Storm Shelter 
Feb 1
Only for storm shelter buildings in mobile home parks.
Native Prairie and Wetlands
Feb 1 *
The first annual application shall be accompanied by a certificate from the department of natural resources stating that the land is native prairie or protected wetland.
Natural Conservation or Wildlife Areas 
Feb 1 *
This includes the exemption types Recreational Lakes, Forest Cover, Rivers and Streams, River and Stream Banks, and Open Prairies. There are different requirements for each exemption type.
Pollution Control and Recycling 
Feb 1
The application for pollution control or recycling property shall be accompanied by a certificate from the environmental protection division of the Iowa DNR.
Urban Revitalization 
Feb 1
Qualifying structures located in a Urban Revitalization District will receive an exemption based upon the schedule set up by each city council.
Wildlife Habitat Feb 1 Agricultural landowners may designate not more than two acres of the land for use as a wildlife habitat. The Iowa DNR shall certify the designated land as a wildlife habitat.
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