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 Camping Areas

Airport Lake Park
- Modern; 2047 190th St; 57 acres; modern campground has 37 sites with 50 amp service; A loop for up to 6-campers that can be reserved; beach; 2 shelters; fishing; hiking; pit tilets; upland areas w/ restored prairie; 2 miles northwest of New Hampton

Split Rock Park- Modern; 3090 Pembroke Ave; 80 acres; modern campground w/ 42 electric sites & 30 non-electric; walk in camping area; beach; 3 shelters; hiking; lake fishing; playground w/ volleyball area; pit toilets & modern toilet w/ showers; upland areas w/ restored prairie; woodlands; wetlands; 5 miles southwest of Fredericksburg

Saude Recreation Area- Primitive; 1145 Stevens Ave; 75 acres; 20 primitive camping sites; pit toilets; playground; upland w/ restored prairie; woodlands; 5 miles southwest of Protivin

Twin Ponds- Primitive; 157 acres; 6 miles southwwest of New Hampton; west side - 1811 240th St; Nature Center; pit toilets; hiking; upland and woodlands; river fishing; primitive camping; shelter east side - 2339 River road; hiking; river & pond fishing; shelter; pit toilets; woodlands & wetlands; primitive camping

Chickasaw Park- Primitive; 1271 220th St; 33 acres; woodland; hiking; primitive camping; pit toilets; 2 miles west of Ionia west side - shelter; horse shoe court; river fishing east side - shelter; quarry & river fishing

Haus Park- Primitive; 1726 165th St; 7 acres; primitive camping; 2 gazeboes; river fishing; northeast corner of North Washington

Howard's Woods- Primitive; 2555 Addison Ave; 20 acres; hiking; river fishing; primitive camping; shelter; woodland; 2 miles northwest of Nashua

Adolph Munson Park- Primitive; 2749 170th St; 3 acres; historical site; cabin; schoolhouse; store; shelter; primitive camping; pit toilets; tours available; 7 miles northeast of New Hampton

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