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 Dust Control - General Provisions

Whereas Chickasaw County does not provide dust control services on any county road, citizens and landowners are, however, allowed to apply dust control materials by permit from the Chickasaw County Engineer's Office on any road at their own expense.

The only materials approved for use on the roads are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and lignin sulfonate. USED MOTOR OIL IS NOT AN APPROVED MATERIAL and shall not be applied to county road surfaces.

Upon receipt of a dust control permit the county will blade and shape the indicated site prior to dust control placement to provide for a smooth road surface. After the dust control material has been applied, the county will refrain from blading/graveling the treated area unless, IN THE OPINION OF THE COUNTY ENGINEER, it has become rough as to constitute a hazard to traffic. The owner shall maintain the treated area and repair any roughness that may develop. The county shall not be liable for the cost of any new application made necessary by such blading.

Whereas the county needs to maintain gravels across Chickasaw County, any traffic as a result of normal spot rock and frost boil patchwork is considered normal operations during the course of the year.

Whereas the county places contract rock once a year on various gravel roads across Chickasaw County. Contract rock is considered to be extra ordinary travel on Chickasaw County Roads. The contractor placing contract rock will be responsible for maintaining fugitive dust at locations considered to be the main traveled haul roads from the quarry as designated by Chickasaw County Engineer during the time of contract rock. The contractor may utilize any of the approved materials listed above or water trucks may be used during hauling times. These designated main haul roads may vary from year to year. Once contract rock is completed the landowner is again permitted to apply dust control materials on any road at their own expense.

Whereas the landowner wanting to place dust control prior to contract rock hauling does so at the landowners own risk. Any costs associated with re-application of dust control materials after contract hauling is done, shall be at the landowner's expense.

This policy is valid for the time period of May 1 to October 15. Before or after this time period the county will routinely maintain the rock surface by blading.

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