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 Previous Chickasaw County Sheriffs
1853-1855 Andy Sample
1855-1858 Frederick Fadden
1858-1860 C.E. Zivick
1860-1862 Patrick Galligan
1862-1868 John Dixon
1868-1870 James A. Albertson
1870-1873 Earl W. Beach
1873-1883 R.O. Sheldon
1883-1886 Horton Mandeville
1886-1890 James Stanton
1890-1893 F.W. Brown
1893-1899 Edward Murphy
1899-1902 F.E. Sherwood
1902-1907 C.W. Schnurr
1907-1911 J.J. Wandrow
1911-1915 A.M. Russell
1915-1919 F.M. Kezar
1919-1925 John Tietjen
1925-1926 E.J. Attleson
1926-1931 G.A. Upham
1931-1949 George C. Murray
1949-1953 Kenneth J. Daly
1953-1981 Galen Folkers
1981-1997 Thomas Bernatz
1997-2001 William E. Dean
2001-2012 Marty Larsen
2013-2017 T.W. Miller
2017- Martin Hemann
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