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Monday, March 27, 2017

CHICKASAW COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AGENDA MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017 9:00 AM. CONVENE. OPEN AND DISTRIBUTE MAIL. APPROVE AGENDA FOR MARCH 27, 2017. APPROVE MEETING MINUTES OF MARCH 20, 2017. 9:00 AM MEET WITH PASTER FREY Sign Proclamation for April Child Abuse-permission to use Courthouse grounds 9:30 AM PUBLIC HEARING ON VACATING AND ABANDONING ALL STREETS, ROADS AND ALLEY’S OF JOHN CASEY ADDTION TO LAWER, CHICKASAW COUNTY, IOWA Approve Resolution vacating and abandoning all streets, road a & alleys of John Casey Addition to Lawler, Chickasaw County, Iowa Approve Resolution vacating and abandoning all streets, road a & alleys of John Casey Addition to Lawler, Chickasaw County, Iowa and the authorization of the Chairman and County Auditor to Quit Claim Deed the County’s Interest In said streets, roads and alleys to the appropriate adjacent property owners as set forth in Exhibit A APPROVE THE REFUND LIQUOR LICENSE FOR ABBY LEA’S APPROVE AND AUTHORIZE CHAIRMAN SIGNATURE ON THE NATIONAL ELEVATOR INSPECTION CONTRACT RENEWAL FOR FY 2017-2018 FOR THE COURTHOUSE-ELEVATOR 10:00 AM MEET WITH COUNTY ENGINEER TO DISCUSS ROAD DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES Review and act on contract with Vogel Traffic Services for pavement marking project FM-C019(87)—55—19 and Authorize Chairman to Sign Contract Review and act on joint engineering services contract with Floyd County for County Engineer 10:30 AM MEET WITH REGIONAL COORDINATOR OF DISABILITY SERVICES SHEILA KOBLISKA Update on Decat Acknowledge the resignation of Part-time Secretary Discuss the General Assistance position with possible action Departmental Update 11:30 AM MEET WITH EMA/911 DIRECTOR AJ SEELY AND KEN RASING Departmental update (radio communication tower project) and ISICI Acknowledge the resignation of EMA/911/Environmental Hlth Director/ME Secretary Discuss Medical Examiners Investigator position with possible action AFTERNOON MEETINGS HELD IN THE COURTROOM-3RD FLOOR COURTHOUSE 1:00 PM MEET WITH COUNTY ATTORNEY PAT WEGMAN Discuss Family Health Insurance Discuss Law and Emergency Management Center (LEMC) building lease agreement 2:00 PM MEET WITH CONSERVATION DIRECTOR BRIAN MOORE Discuss DOT Borrow pits with possible action 3:00 PM MEET WITH SHERIFF MARTY HEMANN Open sealed bids for the sale of 2010 Dodge Charger with possible action 3:15 PM MEET WITH CHICKASAW COUNTY VETERANS Discussion _____________________________ JOAN E. KNOLL, AUDITOR & SECRETARY TO THE BOARD
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