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Monday, April 24, 2017

CHICKASAW COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AGENDA MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017 9:00 AM. CONVENE. OPEN AND DISTRIBUTE MAIL. APPROVE AGENDA FOR APRIL 24, 2017. APPROVE MEETING MINUTES OF APRIL 17, 2017. 9:00 AM MEET WITH PIONEER CEMETERY COMMISION Sign Proclamation for the month of May as Cemetery month with possible action 9:30 AM PUBLIC HEARING TO VACATING AND ABANDONING PARCEL E, PARCEL F AND PARCEL G ALL IN THE SE ¼ NE ¼ OF SECTION 21-T95N-R14W OF THE 5TH PM CHICKASAW COUNTY, IOWA Approve Resolution to vacate and abandon Parcel E, Parcel F and Parcel G all in the SE ¼ NE ¼ of Section 21-T95N-R14W of the 5th PM Chickasaw County, Iowa and Authorizing the Chairman and County Auditor to Quit Claim Deed the County Interest 9:45 AM PUBLIC HEARING INTENT TO SELL AND ABANDON LOT 1 NW ¼, SECTION 34-T97N-R12W OF THE 5TH PM, CHICKASAW COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Open sealed bid(s) with possible action Approve resolution accepting the offer to buy real estate and acceptance and selling Lot 1 NW ¼ Section 34, T97N-R12W of the 5th PM in Chickasaw County and Authorizing the Chairman and County Auditor to Quit Claim Deed the County Interest 10:00 AM MEET WITH COUNTY ENGINEER TO DISCUSS ROAD DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES SET PUBLIC HEARING FOR FY 2016-17 COUNTY BUDGET AMENDMENT APPROVE AND AUTHORIZE CHAIRMAN SIGNATURE ON THE PARTIAL SELF-FUNDED PLAN RENEWAL FOR FY 17-18 WITH EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SYSTEMS (EBS) THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATION SERVICES APPROVE OUTDOOR PRIVILEGE (ONE DAY) FOR JERICO JO’S) 10:30 AM MEET WITH DEPARTMENT HEADS Departmental Update 11:00 AM DISCUSS VETERAN’S AFFAIRS COMMISSION Discuss Veteran’s Affairs Commission Board Member(s) Advertisement with possible action 11:30 AM MEET WITH COUNTY ASSESSOR DOUG WELTON Approve Slough Applications for FY 2017 1:00 PM DISCUSS THE POSSIBLE RELOCATION OF DEPARTMENTS WITH POSSIBLE ACTION County Social Services (CSS) departmental update and review lease contract for the MH-DD Bldg. With possible action 1:30 PM MEET WITH COUNTY ATTORNEY PAT WEGMAN Discuss possible agreements/contracts with providers-Medical Examiner – via phone conference with Jon Swanson with possible action Discuss General Assistance-28E Agreement with possible action 2:00 PM MEET WITH SHERIFF MARTY HEMANN Discuss and review quotes for equipment for patrol car for Sheriff’s Department with possible action _____________________________ JOAN E. KNOLL, AUDITOR & SECRETARY TO THE BOARD
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