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Monday, April 26, 2004 - Tuesday, April 27, 2004


APRIL 26 & 27, 2004


   The Board convened on Monday, April 26, 2004 at 9:30 AM with all members present: Boge, Huegel, Schueth, Pickar. Mattke. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Boge. Mail was opened and distributed.


   John Murray, Engineering Assistant, met with the Board to discuss road departmental activities, updating foreman meeting minutes.  Road closings are in effect on B22 for culvert replacement with Brennan Construction as contractor and on V56 for bridge replacement by county bridge crew. Both projects are expected to be completed in 45 workdays. 


   Motion by Huegel, Seconded by Schueth, to approve Board Minutes of April 19 & 20, 2004. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


   Motion by Pickar, Seconded by Schueth, to approve Resolution funding City of New Hampton South Industrial Park infrastructure. (Motion was made on May 6, 2003) Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried. RESOLUTION 04-26-04-10 AUTHORIZING AN EXPENDITURE OF $80,000.00 FOR WATER AND SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE AT SOUTH INDUSTRIAL PARK. WHEREAS, the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors desires to attract and promote county and area wide economic development and current industry expansion; WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors has considered and voted to participate with the funding request by New Hampton City Officials, as expanded area economic development will benefit all Chickasaw County residents, including the approximate one-half of the county population living in the unincorporated areas of the County.  NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors, this  26th day of April, 2004, to adopt this resolution for an expenditure of $80,000.00 to be paid from the Economic Development Fund of the Local Option Sales Tax, having been voted, and adopted by their Board of Supervisors’ unanimous motion on May 6th, 2003. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors of Chickasaw County that the County Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to issue a warrant for $80,000.00 as Chickasaw County''s participation for sewer and water main infrastructure at the south industrial park. Passed and adopted this 26th day of April 2004. AYES: /ss/ Arnie J. Boge, Chairman; John J. Huegel, Vice-Chairman; James J. Schueth; Virgil M. Pickar, Jr.; Sherry Mattke. NAYS: NONE. Attest: /ss/ Judy A. Babcock, Auditor


   Supervisor Schueth was absent at 11:00 AM.


   Remaining Board Members continued discussion for pending funding requests beginning with Fredericksburg Economic Development’s request for the Family Health Clinic. After lengthy discussion and consideration, a motion was made by Pickar, and seconded by Mattke, to set funding from Local Option Sales Tax for Fredericksburg Clinic at $100,000.00, with $20,000.00 from Betterment and $30,000.00 from Economic Development as a grant, and $50,000.00 from Economic Development, as a 0% loan to be repaid over five years. Discussion followed, with the vote being deferred to Tuesday session, as Supervisor Schueth was absent.   


   Chairman Boge declared adjournment at 12:35 PM.


   The Board convened on Tuesday, April 27th, 2004 at 9:30 AM with all members present: Boge, Huegel, Schueth, Pickar, Mattke. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Boge. Mail was opened and distributed.

   Sheriff Marty Larsen met with the Board to discuss proposed FY 2003-04 Budget Amendment and update the Board of current departmental activities.  Revenue and expenditures for FY 2003-04 were reviewed and discussed, with the Board taking no action on the proposed budget amendment, pending further detailed study and review by next week’s session.


   Gene Fritch, representing Howard R. Green Co., reviewed the semi-annual landfill inspection which will be forwarded to the IDNR. Observations included remedial road lane work and various spots filling and reseeding completed late last year, a clump of cottonwood trees, varmint animal digging observed last year has ceased and water running from the leachete pump control box.   Recommendations included removing and treating the cottonwood clump, along with continuing to monitor present cover for erosion.


   Ken Rasing and Mark Moine met with the Board to discuss State Fire Marshall’s order for a 2nd floor escape at the jail building. The Board wishes the least invasive, restrictive remedy to the order. Discussion.


   Motion by Schueth, Seconded by Mattke, to authorize preliminary Phase 1 services and payment for services of approximately $1200.00, including documentation of present conditions and a requested variance present compliance standards that will be acceptable to the State Fire Marshall order for the 2nd floor exit.   Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


   Discussion continued for the vote for City of Fredericksburg Economic Development’s request for funding family practice clinic, with review of each board member’s position and the vote as follows: Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.   


   The Board recessed at 11:45 AM.  Board members Boge, Schueth, Huegel, and Mattke attended at Economic Development lunch meeting at Chaff’s, returning to the Boardroom at 1:15 PM. Pickar was absent.


   Sheila Kobliska, CPC, Jeanine Matt and Carla Janssen, and board members met with Ben Wright, representing Community Care, and Ron Walls, representing Liberty Square, respectively, as part of the final consideration for the decision of a Heritage service provider beginning July 1, 2004.


   At 3:30 PM Auditor Babcock met with the Board to present Floyd County DHS billing for less than full-time offices, with said billing formula amended to balance to 100%, thus reducing original billing by $2,980.10 of the requested amount, from $20,656.87 to $17,676.77 for July thru December 2003.


   Engineer Dusten Rolando met with the Board to discuss road departmental activities, including road contract language and road conditions and blading in the northeast part of the county.

   The Board conferred with Jack Lipovac, HR OneSource regarding present union contracts under negotiation and future services.


   Supervisor Boge was absent at 4:05 PM.


   Vice-Chairman Huegel declared adjournment at 4:15 PM.




                                                                                    Arnie J. Boge, Chairman

                                                                                    Board of  Supervisors




Judy A. Babcock, Auditor                     











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