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 Driver's License

Driver's License Frequently Asked Questions.

Your license expires on the expiration date printed on the license. It is valid for another sixty days, and can be renewed within the sixty days without having to take the written test. It is recommended that you renew your license during the 30 day period before the expiration date if you plan to travel out of state or may need to rent a vehicle.

You will have to pass the vision screening test each time your license is renewed. If your license has been expired for more than one year, you will have to take the driving test, as well as the written test and vision screening. Your vehicle must be reigstered and the license plates must be properly displayed. The examiner will inspect your vehicle's saftey equipment: lights, signals, horn, tires, brakes, and windshield wipers. If any of the equipment does not work, you will not be able to take the driving test.

Proof of liability insurance will be required for all drive tests.  This includes all car, motorcycle, and commercial licenses.

Section 321.20B, Code of Iowa, requires that no vehicle be operated in Iowa, including those registered in another state, unless there is financial responsibility coverage in effect on the vehicle.  This section also requires that the vehicle have in it the proof of financial liability coverage card.  In the event the vehicle is reigstered in another state and there is no coverage card, the driver must be able to produce other evidence that liability coverage is in effect for the vehicle.

Financial liability coverage cards are required to be vehicle specific.  If individuals appear for testing and do not have the specific vehicle listed on the card, the card will need to be reviewed to determine if the coverage includes replacement and/or additionally required vehicles.  If the card does include this type of coverage, ownership must be addressed.

IAC 641.5 also covers additionally acquired or replacement vehicles (for 30 days only after acquisition) if the financial liability coverage card includes an option for this type of coverage.  Proof of ownership as described in IAC 400.19 must be included.  This would include a title, registration, or bill of sale.

The fine for operating a motor vehicle in Iowa without liability insurance is $250 per Iowa Code Section 805.8A(14)(f).  The fine increases to $500 if the driver and vehicle were involved in an accident.

Additional information may be acquired by downloading manuals or forms at www.dot.state.ia.us or www.iowatreasurers.org.

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